Meet Marnie

Marnie Pugh is our resident Mouth Matters mastermind. She’s been coaching patients in Breathe Easy™ Buteyko technique and Myofunctional Therapy since 2007 and has hundreds of grateful patients who can vouch for the success of her methods. 

But not just anyone can become a mouth guru. Marnie trained extensively in the USA under two of the world leaders in Myofunctional therapy. As the only practicing Myofunctional therapist in New Zealand and one of only a handful of Buteyko practitioners her skills are highly sought after. We’re incredibly lucky to have her.

Marnie's Story

I came to work in dentistry in 2007 and jumped at the opportunity to train in Myofunctional Therapy. I could see what a valuable tool it could be, especially for children. I was a thumb sucker until I was 10 years old and my daughter took up the habit too – so I know exactly how challenging it can be. Once I had the Myofunctional Therapy training under my belt I went on to train in Buteyko Breath Correction to help my asthma and bouts of bronchitis and anxiety. I experienced first-hand how powerful the benefits can be. My bronchitis completely disappeared and I haven't used my inhalers for years. I believe there are a lot of people who’ve been diagnosed with asthma and other health issues when the underlying cause is actually how they’re breathing.