Allergies and Hay Fever

Runny noses, itchy eyes…yeeeesh. It’s no fun dealing with the snotty inconvenience that comes with Hay fever and other airborne allergies. Sure there’s pills you can take that mask the symptoms but they don’t really get to the root of the problem.

The Buteyko method teaches correct breathing techniques that offer drug-free relief. You might be thinking 'Duh! I know how to breathe' but you’d be surprised what an impact changing your breathing style can have on controlling your allergies.

Buteyko helps guide patients away from mouth breathing to nasal breathing by gently restoring natural breathing patterns. This traps many of the small particles that can irritate the airwaves and warms the air as it enters the lungs.

Our methods are incredibly effective but so simple kids as young as six can benefit from learning them. Through fun, interactive slide show based learning we’ll explore the science of breathing, before taking you through the techniques and the effect they can have on your overall health. 

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