Living with asthma? Imagine if a simple, six-week course could arm you with some simple techniques that would cut down those moments that see you reaching for your inhaler.

Sound too good to be true? Well this technique has converted many a skeptic. In a Brisbane hospital trial a group of asthmatics had a 90% drop in Bronchodilator use 3 months after learning the Buteyko breathing techniques. (Source:

How does it work? It’s based on the theory that asthma attacks are often the result of over breathing (hyperventilation) so we teach you to recognize and control the attack via nasal breathing and Buteyko breathing exercises.

Our methods are incredibly effective but so simple kids as young as six can benefit from learning them. Through fun, interactive slide show based learning we’ll explore the science of breathing, before taking you through the techniques and the effect they can have on your overall health.

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