Did you know we swallow 500-1000 times a day? It's easy to see how improper swallowing can cause a variety of problems. But it’s actually the resting position of the tongue that can cause crooked teeth issues because it’s more constant. 

Myofunctional Therapy helps overcome bad mouth posture and other pesky oral habits that can upset your body’s overall wellbeing.

It’s a holistic, painless and affordable therapy that can correct the issues that lead to crooked teeth. The earlier you get onto it the more likely you are to avoid orthodontic work later down the track.

We sometimes recommend Myofunctional therapy alongside a Breathe-Easy Buteyko breathing course, as poor mouth and breathing habits can go hand in hand.

Our treatment plans include an initial consultation with photos, diagnostic analysis, exercise plans and monthly progress checks.

Myofunctional Therapies can help people suffering from:

  • Thumb-sucking
  • Tongue thrusting
  • Lip or nail biting
  • Open mouth posture
  • Snoring or sleep apnoea
  • Speech issues like lisps

Sound like something that could help you? Get in touch or check out what some of our happy patients had to say.

Treatment options:

6 month therapy treatment: $450

12 month therapy treatment: $900

Initial consultation includes photos, diagnostic analysis, treatment with exercise plan and monthly progress checks.


What’s the best age to start therapy?

We’ve treated patients as young as 5 and as old as 90 and everything in between. Age doesn’t really matter – the biggest factor in success is consistent practice until the muscle pattern has been corrected.

Your child must be at least 5 years old to attend a workshop but feel free to bring your 4 year old in for an individual diagnostic session and we’re happy to assess if we can help them.

What sort of stuff does Myofunctional Therapy actually teach?

Our primary goals are to correct any bad “Orofacial” habits. Fancy word but the techniques are simple. Everything we teach is aimed at getting our patients breathing through their nose with a closed lip seal, a palatal tongue rest position and a tooth together swallow. Don’t worry. It all makes a lot more sense when Marnie explains it.

Sounds great – but how effective is it?

Recent scientific studies for Myofunctional disorders have proven an 80-90% success rate. Impressive stuff, but it’s not a magic bullet. Like most things in life, the right support, practice, discipline and a positive attitude have a big impact on how well it will work for you.

My daughter has a lisp. Could this be a result of tongue thrusting?

Yes and no. Correcting the tongue thrust often improves the lateral lisp (air forced on the side of the tongue rather than forward). However, one problem is not always linked with the other.