Online Myofunctional Therapy with Marnie

One of the great things about the Internet is that it makes it possible to provide myofunctional therapy to those who don’t have access to in-person therapy or have mobility, transportation or scheduling issues that make it hard to attend regular office visits.

All it takes is a high-speed Internet connection and a good quality webcam (at least 1.3 mp resolution and 30 fps or better).

To find out if online myo is right for you, contact Marnie and tell her a bit about your situation and the kind of help you’re seeking. She’ll then contact you about next steps.

How Online Myofunctional Therapy  Works

First things first: Marnie will need to learn more about your oral conditions, behaviours and habits so she can determine your ideal treatment plan. So just as in a regular practice, you’ll need to fill out some forms before treatment. Marnie will send you these forms, and will ask you to submit some photos of your mouth.

Once you’ve submitted these materials, you’ll be prompted to schedule your appointment with Marnie for a FREE consultation. 

Meanwhile, Marnie will send you a therapy kit and portfolio of exercise instructions so you’ll be ready once your therapy actually begins.

First Appointment: Evaluation & Consultation
To meet with Marnie online, you will need a high-speed Internet connection and good quality webcam (at least 1.3 mp resolution and 30 fps or better) you can use in a well-lit space. You will also need to have the most current version of Skype installed on your computer.

At your scheduled appointment time, you’ll log into this website and follow the prompt to access Marnie’s online office.

During this first appointment, Marnie will talk with you about your concerns, share her insights and determine whether a full course of myofunctional therapy is appropriate or if a different plan of action might be needed. If therapy is recommended and you choose to pursue it, she’ll give you instructions for next steps.

A course of myofunctional therapy can last between 6 -12 months.

 You’ll be expected to meet online with Marnie fortnightly for a half hour for about 6 weeks, then monthly thereafter. You will need to do exercises twice a day (about 15 minutes per session).