Open Mouth Posture

Kids often default to mouth breathing when their little noses are all blocked up with a cold or ear infection. Fair enough. We all do. But it’s when the cold goes but the mouth breathing stays, that problems really start.

Sustained periods of mouth breathing affects the growing face as the abnormal pull of these muscle groups on facial bones slowly deforms these bones, causing misalignment.

The earlier in life these changes take place, the greater the changes to normal facial growth, and left unchecked, an open mouth posture is created.

We all know what it looks like. The mouth hangs open, the lips are never closed, the jaw is slack, the forehead protrudes. It’s not pretty (it’s how Hollywood portrays a lack of intelligence!) so it’s best to get mouth breathing seen to as soon as it becomes a problem.

Our methods are incredibly effective but so simple kids as young as six can benefit from learning them. Through fun, interactive slide show based learning we’ll explore the science of breathing, before taking you through the techniques and the effect they can have on your overall health. 

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