The Process

Treatment can be as short as a few months with a plate, or several years with braces. You can be assured that treatment will be tailored to satisfy your personal needs.

Initially, a consultation with Scott determines whether treatment is necessary.

He may decide that he would like to monitor your dental development and growth and review periodically before commencing treatment. Some records may be required at this stage (photos, x-rays and models). Orthodontic records (photos, x-rays and models) will be required prior to treatment. These assist Scott in his diagnosis and treatment planning. Once treatment planning is completed the treatment options are discussed. No treatment is commenced without informed consent. Scott is always available to discuss any concerns or queries.

Orthodontic treatment involves applying light and sustained forces on the teeth to move them into an ideal position. Orthodontic treatment requires the cooperation of the patient and regular monitoring. There are a large range of tools available to us and may include removable plates, functional appliances, and fixed braces.

Once the teeth have been positioned in their ideal place they will be retained in their new position.