Dental injuries, such as fractures or loss of teeth, are common occurrences. A large proportion of these injuries occur as a result of playing sports.

Contrary to popular belief, contact sports, such as football, experience less players having dental injuries, as it is more likely players will wear a professional mouthguard.

People playing non-contact sports such as basketball, cricket and hockey are twice as likely to suffer a dental injury as the use of mouthguards in these sports is not compulsory.

As always, prevention is far better than cure. A properly fitted mouthguard made by your Firstbite dentist is the best form of protection. These mouthguards fit firmly, which facilitates breathing and talking. There is also less chance of the mouthguard falling out at the crucial time as it is made to fit the shape of your mouth.

Mouthguards fitted professionally by a dentist are 82% more effective in preventing dental injuries, compared to chemist or supermarket bought mouthguards, which only prevent up to 40% of injuries.

Rehabilitating a knocked out tooth can be twenty times more expensive than having a mouthguard properly fitted. We recommend that any person playing sport contact their First Bite dentist and arrange an appointment to discuss your mouthguard needs, before it's too late.