Snoring and Sleep Apnoea

The symptoms of snoring and sleep apnoea are all the things you’d expect of a bad night’s sleep. Waking up tired, headaches, irritability, difficulty concentrating. We’ve all been there. But prolonged sleep deprivation caused by snoring and sleep apnoea can have a massive impact on you (and your bedmate).

Dr John Burford is the MacGyver of sleep dental appliances having spent the last 20 year constructing and fitting splints and lecturing all over the world on the subject.

Dental appliances are totally non-invasive, drug free and reversible - so well worth investigating before resorting to expensive medical or surgical procedures.

Unfortunately, not all dental splints are created equal. There are lots of versions being sold by people with no medical or dental training. Many clients come to us after bad experiences with crude, bulky, and ill-fitting appliances. They might be fractionally cheaper but they’re not as effective or long lasting as a professional dentist-made splint and can cause a litany of other problems.

We’ve developed a package to find the perfect solution for your sleep issue. In an ideal world we’d do a full study in a sleep lab, but that’s expensive and impractical for most of us (and how well do most people sleep in a laboratory really?) so our portable sleep diagnostic system is a smart alternative. First we take your 3D cone beam CT scan and assess the airway volume and the likely blockage points. Then we loan you a diagnostic sleep recording device to be worn overnight on the wrist. You return it to us the next day and we download it into our computer for an in-depth analysis. Easy.

If we determine that you have a mild or moderate case, then we’ll go ahead and create the perfect dental appliance for your problem. But we’re dentists, not doctors and your breathing is not something we take lightly. So in the rare cases when we diagnose a severe sleep apnoea problem, you’ll need a full assessment by a sleep physician.

Contact our office for more info on anti-snoring appliances on offer or learn more about our Buteyko treatment here.