Speech Issues

Doesth you child have trouble pronounthing their “s” sounds?

Don’t worry. It’s pretty common (and cute) in little kids and most outgrow it by age 7 with no intervention at all. But if the lisping continues beyond 7 it may be a symptom of another issue, like incorrect swallowing or tongue thrusting, which can lead to orthodontic work later down the track.

Myofunctional Therapy is a holistic, painless and affordable therapy that can correct the issues that lead to crooked teeth. The earlier you get onto it, the more likely you are to avoid orthodontic work (and speech therapy!) later down the track.

We sometimes recommend Myofunctional therapy alongside a Breathe-Easy Buteyko breathing course, as poor mouth and breathing habits can go hand in hand.

Our treatment plans include an initial consultation with photos, diagnostic analysis, exercise plans and monthly progress checks.

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