Customer Testimonials

Past Patient testimonial 1

Dear Marnie,

Many thanks for helping Ben to stop sucking his thumb. We have been amazed and thrilled with the results of the Mouth Matters program! Your enthusiasm and encouragement really helped Ben to reach his goal. You are a wonderful team and a real asset to Epsom Dentalcare.

Past Patient testimonial 2

Dear Marnie,

My nails are growing! The fidgit digit helps, thank you for sending it to me. I have been carrying on using the control it cream and I am nearly running out so mum will get some when she comes up to Auckland next. Thanks for all your help.

Past Patient testimonial 3

Dear Marnie,

Our daughter Kelly, age 6, has sucked her fingers from an early age. During 2011, she lost 6 of her baby teeth and we became concerned that her adult teeth would grow abnormally, not grow in full or become buckteeth.

We commenced Myofunctional Therapy with Marnie. It included a bitter cream and sticky plasters for fingers, a fiddly toy, removing the cuddly toy associated with finger-sucking, daily phone-calls to check on her progress and a Rewards Chart with rewards each week and a major reward after one month of compliance.

We were delighted to find that Kelly’s finger sucking ceased immediately, without any problems, and has not continued or re-commenced since the therapy has started. We are confident that the habit has been broken.

She ultimately earned her rewards, but more importantly, the growth and angle of her growing adult teeth has markedly improved.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Marnie and we would strongly recommend Myofunctional Therapy for your child.


Past patient testimonial 4

Dear Marnie,

As you know I used to find I struggled with energy most days. Since starting the Breathe Easy Buteyko therapy, my energy has been incredible. I am a runner and I have noticed my stamina is so much better and continues to get better every day - just by breathing correctly!

Testimonials from medical professionals

Dr John Burford – Dental orthodontics ED BDS FAACP

Assessing the breath pattern is an essential part of developing a successful orthodontic treatment plan. From my experience, the children I see who are chronic mouth breathers will develop misalignment of the teeth and the chance of treatment failure becomes higher. The Breathe Easy™ Buteyko therapy has significantly helped with my patients facial-dental development - particularly with the children that we treat. The technique corrects mouth breathing habits with can lead to incorrect jaw posture and poor facial muscle function and that is why I recommend the Breathe Easy™ Buteyko therapy as part of all my orthodontic treatment plans.

Patrick McKewon – Buteyko Practitioner

Marnie trained under me in Buteyko Breathing Therapy, 2007.  Marnie started the Buteyko training knowing first hand the challenge of living day to day with asthma and anxiety. It was great to see her applying the Buteyko Breath Correction techniques, and then hearing how many symptoms she thought she'd never be free from, disappeared. I'm sure her own breakthrough is what helps her to help her patients so effectively - encouraging them to have the mental and emotional fortitude to pull it off.  As well as having a great bedside manner, Marnie, being a mother herself, has a natural connection in teaching children the Buteyko techniques, which is so great to see. I would highly recommend Marnie to people suffering from Asthma, Snoring and Allergies who want to try a drug free technique with proven results.